Over the course of your professional career, friends and colleagues may reach out to you to write a referral letter as a testament to their work, skills and abilities.


How to write a reference letter for a friend. You can use this Refer a friend for a job email template to encourage employee referrals.

Drive Home the Name of Your Mutual Acquaintance.

The recruiter may contact you with questions about the candidate.

. This will raise the chances of getting a reply from the person you sent. How to recommend someone for a job.


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We, at (Company’s name), are always eagerly looking to grow our team and hire talented hard-working individuals, just like you. .

Dear _____.

Make it very clear who did the recommending, and eave no doubt about it.

You can use this refer a friend letter template to create a customized letter. Use this email to encourage employees to refer their friends for open roles.

If a former student, colleague or even just a good friend ever approaches you for a letter of recommendation, there is a certain. .

Before accepting a friend’s request to write a recommendation letter, consider.
Use a professional subject line.



Use a brief, precise phrase that. An employee referral email, also known as a job referral letter, is a networking request sent out to employers by professionals who are looking for available job openings, referrals, or advice. .

Attach a copy of your updated resume, cover letter and job description. . Find your friend’s email address. This will make it easy for HR to quickly identify the content of your email and prioritize it accordingly. Include the individual by name and describe your connection with them as well. Before you agree to write the letter, you should be confident in your.

If the hiring manager's name is not mentioned in the job listing, you can sometimes discover it by reviewing the company's website.

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Here are two examples of character reference letters written for a friend that you can use to inspire your own: Example 1.

Tips to help you refer someone for a job.

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Include additional information about the.

Use a brief, precise phrase that summarizes the purpose of the email.