Best Resale Apps and Sites. These days, it's not hard to find an MMA with a rate comparable even to some of the best CDs.

Money Market Savings Earn higher returns on your savings without giving up liquidity! The Rewards Money Market account gives a solid alternative to the volatile and uninsured.

For example, the UFB Premier Money Market Account has an APY of 4.

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81% and will waive the $10 monthly.

Business Money Markets. . .

Going to your local bank branch to deposit a check takes time and planning. .

Money market accounts are safe if they are with federally insured banks or credit unions.

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For consumer banking, Customers Bank provides savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit accounts (CDs), residential mortgages,.

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Best Money Transfer Apps. Small Business Accounts. .

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75% APY (minimum balance $25k).

. This allows account holders to make cash withdrawals or purchases at retailers using the card.

Best Money Transfer Apps.


Luckily, many mobile bank apps allow customers to deposit checks virtually.

If the institution offers online banking.